Humor. Laughter. Self-deprecation. Silliness and a little bit of mischief.

We feel good when we laugh. It lightens our world. Laughing with your friends and family makes time spent with them more enjoyable. But should you be funny on a date? And what about when you have a girlfriend or a wife, you know, an intimate relationship? How about if you’re a dad? Should humor be a part of that?

I suppose there are girls out there who want to be serious a lot of the time but they sure are losing out on a lot of good times. Any relationship that is serious too often becomes a bore for most men, quickly. That’s not to say that there isn’t a time and a place for being serious. Men, as a rule though, try to keep things moving, lighter and not intense or deep unless there is a need for that.

Are there really women out there who appreciate lightheartedness in their men?
The answer is a resounding, “YES”!
Women LOVE funny men.

Why? Because a man with a sense of humor is more likely to keep life interesting. We all know about the daily grind and about all the responsibilities that we have in our lives that we can’t ignore. Why not deal with all of that with some humor and laughter? Think of any good comic you have ever seen. What does he or she talk about most often? Life! Relationships! Family! Their own missteps are a big part of their routines. That’s because life IS funny. And if you can see at least some humor in it, especially at the toughest times, you can get through those better. Humor also makes the good times last longer.

Women love to laugh as much as anyone. And a good sense of humor is incredibly attractive to us. Men that see the contradictions in daily life and put a humorous spin on them are making something that could potentially be stressful, manageable. The best stress buster there is, is a good laugh.

Have the best dates that you can recall been the ones that were spent trying to have serious conversation or were they the ones that turned out to be a lot of fun? In which case was communicating easier? Didn’t you find that you enjoyed talking to her a whole lot more if the date was fun for both of you and if she laughed a bunch of times?

Husbands and Long-term Boyfriends, your gals are going to want to involve you more in the life they want to build with you. To that end, women like to bring people together. If a women hosts a gathering, she loves to see her guests having fun and being happy. Funny men are usually the life of a good get-together. Everyone loves being around them – the kids, their friends, their family – even the older folks. The more fun you are at these gatherings, the better they turn out and believe me, men get great rewards from their ladies because of that. You want a piece of that, don’t you?

Men that are dads – being able to keep your children happy and having fun helps Mom and the whole family just enjoy everything more. Kids like to laugh and have fun and when they see their parents doing the same, they develop a sense of humor, too. And that will serve them well as adults. Seeing that and knowing that you were a part of it brings Mom and Dad closer together and makes them happier.

How about in the bedroom? Having fun there is essential to a great sex life. So many people fall into a routine and then sex becomes less interesting and less frequent. Having a good time that includes laughter and good natured teasing can spice things up A LOT. Being a bit mischievous and naughty can really turn a girl on. I, personally, LOVE IT when a guy can poke fun at himself and when he likes to “play” a game or two with me.

The bottom line here is this, good-natured fun and games, a good sense of humor and the ability to laugh at yourself will make you more desirable to women. As a woman who LOVES men, I’ll admit, it’s the first thing that gets my attention. And it’s the thing that makes the relationship worth having. A lot of women feel that way.

So make ’em laugh, Guys!