Masturbating…the word alone just sounds creepy and along with it tends to bring somewhat of a negative connotation.

It should be called something else because really, there is nothing wrong with pleasing yourself…AT ALL. Especially if you’re pleasing yourself in front of another.

Pleasing yourself can be an amazing experience in of itself.  But what about doing this in front of and with your partner? It doesn’t have to ultimately be to completion but think about how you can tease your partner and make them want you even more just by touching yourself in front of them.

Get deep with trying this…face each other and look into the eyes of your significant other. Ladies, I can guarantee the moment you place your fingers on or around your clitoris and lady parts, his eyes will follow with sweet anticipation.  He won’t be able to resist watching you and then touching his more than likely hard penis.  Watch him as his eyes wander from your eyes then down to your pussy.  Tease him with your body, your eyes, your moans…then stop for a moment, lean in for a deep kiss or better yet, a kiss or lick of his manhood.

And for you guys, you know what to do.  Watch your girl, yearn for her while you touch yourself stopping every so often to lean into her for a kiss, a suck of her nipple and tease her by licking her to taste her.

How you both want to finish this scenario truly depends on you.  If you both want to have an orgasm but not change up what you’re currently doing then go for it. But, if you are teasing each other and building an intense aroused sexual energy, by all means, turn it into an intense session of sex.

So take it from me, this can be an overall fun and erotic experience to share with your lover.  Changing things up in the bedroom is always a great way to keep it spicy and fun.