This is a continuation of my previous article, Pittsburgh: Sports, Steel, and Beer?

If you haven’t read that one yet, now’s your chance! Cheers, and enjoy Part II!

On our most recent trip to Pittsburgh, I took my buddy Pete to go pick up some cans from the Number one brewery on a lot of people’s must do lists. The Mecca for hazy brews in PGH. The one, the only, Dancing Gnome Brewing Company.

Pittsburgh: Sports, Steel, and Beer? (Pt. 2)
That reflection, though. I think this is what Christina Aguilera was singing about in Mulan (this is a Disney-niche joke. Did it work for you? If it did, sound off in the comments below!)

Pittsburgh: Sports, Steel, and Beer? (Pt. 2)

The driveway to the brewhouse was home of this really cool mural!

DG just so happened to have a release day the weekend we were down, and, although we had a busy schedule the whole weekend, Pete and I had about an hour to kill, so we stopped by to pick up some cans to-go.

It was a collaboration release day, so the kings of haze in PGH hooked up with Narrow Gauge Brewing from Florissant, MO (I hadn’t heard of them before this release!) to create a beer called…

Pittsburgh: Sports, Steel, and Beer? (Pt. 2)

Song Title Juice Reference!

A play on all the hazy beers coming out that either reference juice, music, or both! Clever little name for a powerful hop bomb of a beer!

Pittsburgh: Sports, Steel, and Beer? (Pt. 2)

Selling beers right out of the brewhouse!

I tasted one while we were still in town, and it still had a lot of heat on it, so I saved my other three cans, and a week later, this beer was perfect. Super creamy, guava, pineapple, orange, with a touch of syrupy sweetness. This beer was sweet like candy, as David Matthews once said, to my soul.

Pittsburgh: Sports, Steel, and Beer? (Pt. 2)
It’s got a simple, elegantly designed label, which I appreciate as well. These boys at DG are doing amazing things, and I highly recommend checking out their space if you’re ever in PGH.

There are so many more breweries I’d love to try in PGH! What an amazing time to be a craft beer drinker!

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