You’ve just finished your shower and the anticipation has your heart thumping in your chest.

You thought about everything. Your shirt is her favorite color and you’re wearing those pants with the pocket she loves to put her hand in. You have a new haircut, the car was just detailed, you bought her flowers and before you know it, it’s time to go. The ride to pick her up just flies by and you text her to let her know you are out front waiting. This is the moment you have been looking forward to for three days. There she is. She looks stunning. She is smiling at you and you are yearning for the embrace that’s coming as she put her arms out to hold you.

Oh, no! She let go too soon. She turned her head away. She smiles faintly and says, “Shall we go?” and you instantly know something isn’t right. What could it be?

The scenario I have described above is one that has women all over the country puzzled, bothered and put off and men totally confused. Your only mistake here – too much fragrance! Look at the headline, Gentlemen and believe it. When you are getting ready to go anywhere, make it a cardinal rule that you never break. It’s truer today than ever before. Women Love Clean.

What does that mean, you ask? To answer, let’s take a look at what brought about the use of aftershaves and colognes.

In short, water has not always been as accessible as it is in 2018. Bathing and showering are something everyone does daily now but in the past, it could sometimes be days, even weeks, between baths. How could you prepare to be around other people when a bath was not an option? Cologne, that’s how!

Colognes were created to hide or mask whatever personal odor you had so that being close to someone wasn’t a totally repulsive experience. That may sound funny today but just imagine what it must have been like for a cowboy and his wife in the Old West. He gets back from moving cattle and he hasn’t bathed for a week. Holding each other is all either of them can think about. Does he want to give her a kiss while smelling like the cows he just drove 150 miles? No Way! The solution? – cologne, lots of cologne. She probably did the same.

And that was the whole idea behind using cologne back then. Sure, over time, the use of cologne has evolved to being more of something to entice another person with fragrance but the end result is still the same – the smell can be and often is overwhelming.

What about aftershave? That’s a simple answer. Shaving can burn and break down a man’s skin. Aftershave was created to help soothe the discomfort that using a sharp blade on skin can result in. Good idea, right? And then someone said, “Hey, if I make my aftershave smell really strong, I might not need cologne, too.” And there you go – strong smelling aftershave.

So, why am I now telling you to abandon both of these longtime go-to grooming products? That answer is an easy one – women love clean smelling men.

Think about it. When you get close to your lady, don’t you almost always notice if she smells really good? You do, right? That’s because women have so many products to choose from to clean their skin & hair, to moisturize their skin & hair and to just make them smell good. And more and more women are now using natural smells like fruits and flowers and outdoor scents like the ocean, rain and light musks. These smells are clean and they don’t overpower.

Men have these options, too. There are so many products available for men that won’t smack your lady in the face with too much fragrance. There are lots of natural product lines for men that have fresh, clean scents like citrus and the smell of a forest. Many of these lines have aftershave in them so you can retain all the benefits of a traditional aftershave but you’ll smell so much better. As far as the cologne is concerned, you might even be able to ditch that altogether.

And here’s another truth that might set everything you thought you knew about what women like on its ear. Some women just like their men to smell like they just got out of the shower. That’s why there are so many scented hair and body care products for men. And no, I am NOT talking about the ones all the teens and twenty-somethings are using. Again, I am referring to the all natural product lines with fresh, clean fragrances.

There is a really simple way to decide which scents you’d like to try. Listen to your lady when she talks about what she likes. Ask questions in a not-too-obvious way. If she likes the smell of oranges, you’ll know that trying a product with a citrus scent could be very pleasing to her. If she tells you that as a child she remembers how wonderful the Christmas tree smelled when they brought it home from the tree farm and set it up in the living room, then a woodsy smell could be the ticket to a long embrace. Just paying attention to what she likes will give you clues about which products to choose and it is likely that the effort you took to please her will not only be a wonderful surprise to her but it should make you even more irresistible. And you know what that means!

So that’s it. When you’re getting ready to meet up with that special woman in your life:

Remember your New Cardinal Rule

strong-smelling fragrances, OUT

fresh, clean smelling scents, IN!

Until next time, Eyes to the Sky.