Women are the only ones who really talk about sex, right?

They talk to their girlfriends, sisters and their mothers. They talk about it at a coffee klatsch. That’s what “book clubs” are really for, aren’t they? Do guys really only talk about conquests? NO!

Guys, it’s high time that you get more comfortable with the idea that talking about sex with your partner is going to make every part of your sexual experience with her, BETTER.

Let’s face it, a man’s sex drive is different from a woman’s. A woman’s desire manifests in a totally different way from a man’s. For guys, a lot of it is visual and arousal is almost completely physical. For a woman, well, it’s EVERYTHING – all the senses working in tandem and the physical aspect of it is just the culmination of everything else. For a man, it’s a brief and intense thing and then it’s over. For a woman, it can last and last and last.

Honestly, why should we girls get such a lengthy, physically and emotionally packed experience? Who knows, maybe that’s just our gift for having to deal with the pain of childbirth but hey, men can get a fuller and more pleasurable experience out of their sexual relations, too.

The key to all of this, Gentlemen, is simple. TALK ABOUT IT! It doesn’t have to be an awkward conversation. Every woman wants to know that her man really listens to her. She wants to know that her man wants to be close to her, not just in a physical way, but also, emotionally. The best way to show a woman that she is more than just another lay is to learn what she likes. Women are incredibly giving in the bedroom when they are being satisfied. They will ask you what you want, almost instinctively. The give and take in these moments can make your sex together mind-blowing.

The best place to start this conversation is with some humor and even some flirting with her. This talk does NOT have to be heavy. There are subtle ways to learn about each other’s preferences. One important thing to remember here though, is that these exchanges should be private. Oh, you don’t have to be alone in a room looking into each other’s eyes, like some stupid crap you’ve seen in a chick flick, but you should keep the audible part of this to just the two of you. Small bits of info can come at any time. Take them in whenever they come. Remember them and use them the next time you are intimate. That’s how the gathering of resources to make her satisfied starts.

Once you get the hang of picking up on those little hints or flirtatious demonstrations you can move on to more lengthy talks about it. Let her know that you are truly serious about knowing what she REALLY likes. I promise you, she’ll tell you and then she’ll ask you what you really like.

You can even have these chats during sex. Approach them with humor. Make them fun. Real women love fun in the sack. Some of us like games. Some of us like being naughty. Some of us like using props. All of this information can make sex interesting and different each time. And don’t despair if your partner is not into anything different right off the bat. As long as you talk and you start to understand just what it is that gives your partner the most intense and lasting experience, things should progress from there.

The most important thing to remember here is the easiest. Don’t shy away from talking about SEX. Don’t let those talks be weird. BE REAL with her. She’ll love that and then you’ll love what you get back in return.