Sex is amazing and there are many different ways to take it up several levels if you and your partner are both consenting.

One of those ways is to play dress up. As soon as I typed those words I had an image of a french maid and a naughty nurse (open up and say ahhh) in the forefront of my mind. If these are the type of costumes you want your partner to wear…to each their own. No judgement from me.

When I think of dressing up for my partner and depending on what I know my partner likes or dislikes, it’s game on.  I want the naughty of the naughtiest and the sexiest of the sexy body wear I can possibly find.  And I like to keep it simple. Get too many complicated straps, bells and whistles involved and well, it can turn into a maze of trying to get out of it (if you want to get out it) when the hot moment strikes.

Think texture. Some guys really love when their woman wears pantyhose or thigh highs. If you’re going to go with the pantyhose, I highly suggest going crotch less! Why bother taking them off when you can wear them the entire time! Not only do they both make your legs look nice and shapely, having him rub his hands up and down your hose clad legs can be a serious turn on. Why? They look AND feel amazing.

Now that we have the bottom half figured out, let’s talk about the top half. For easy access to all things breast related, my suggestion(s) would be to go with a shelf bra or an open cup shelf bra. Both are sexy, both give access to your nipples and well yes, both come off.

And lastly, how can a woman wear such sexy thaaangs and NOT include some stilettos?! I know, it’s baffling to the mind, right? Name your heel height because they can as little as 3 inches and up past 6 inches tall.  If the shoes are not meant for walking, the higher the better.

As I always say, it’s a compromise. Make sure this style of dressing up is something you both want and just have fun with it!