Part 2 – The Salon Stylist

Men are thinking more about their appearance these days and they have more options for their hair than they ever have before. In Part 1 of this article we talked about one of the professionals a man can go to when his hair needs attention – the tried and true – the Barber.

Men have been putting their heads and faces in their Barber’s hands, forever. Many men are comfortable and satisfied with the services their Barber can provide. A professional shave, a quick cut, grooming advice at the ready and a general price advantage over most salons are the main reasons a lot of men still choose their trusty Barber.

There is another option; one that’s becoming more of a norm. That choice is the Hair Stylist – at a Salon. More and more men are discovering the advantages of trying a salon as the source for a new look.

The Salon experience tends to offer more options than the average barbershop. Salon Stylists are very capable of giving you the more conventional cuts that we’re all used to. But their true strength lies in the breadth of services most Stylists can provide.

Want one of the latest cuts or styles, like an asymmetrical cut, for example – one that is not the same on both sides of the head? Need a professional that specializes in cutting and styling curly hair? Thinking that you’d like to change the color of your hair? Some Salon Stylists are known as colorists. They specialize in coloring hair in many different ways. They can give you highlights and lowlights, which are varying shades of color. They can re-color your hair, touch-up your color or they can even give you a new color; and as a recent trend has shown, that can even be blue, violet, green or another unconventional color. A Salon is the best choice for all of these.

Wanting to look good is not unique to women. No matter what type of hair you have, finding the right style for you can be transformational. Men of all ages are beginning to see the advantage of being able to find many specialized hair services in one place. Short Hair, long hair – straight hair, curly hair, wavy hair – thick hair, fine hair, coarse hair, soft hair – Black, brown, blonde, red and yes, Fellas, even grey hair – whatever hair type, texture or color you have, the Salon Stylist can help you create your own unique look.

The typical visit to a Salon Stylist will begin with a consultation that involves discussing the shampoo, conditioner and styling products you are currently using on your hair. It will then move on to the texture of your hair, the color of your hair and what type of style you think you might want. It could include looking at a variety of photos of hairstyles or even looking at color charts. If you would like to add light to your look, that conversation could turn to highlights or even lowlights. None of this is out of the question for a man in 2018.

The Salon Stylist is more likely to be aware of the most recent hair trends and the best stylists are lifelong learners. They are always checking out the latest techniques, the newest hair care products and what’s new in hair color. They will impart any of that knowledge to you in order to serve you in the best possible way.

In short, anything is possible for a man’s hair at today’s Salon in the care of a skilled Stylist. So, get out there Men and make Bold Hair choices!

In closing, I’d ask as I always do, that whenever possible, you choose a local professional. Everyone has a head. There is enough business to go around. The shop in your community, whether it is a barbershop or a salon, will surely appreciate your business.

Until next time, Eyes to the Sky.