After years of nomadic brewing, Grimm has finally settled down in their hometown of New York City.

Grimm Brewing was a big name for me as I was getting started in the craft beer scene. Waiting on line at Other Half I would consistently see people peddling their wares, swapping and sampling the latest and greatest Grimm cans. It was for good reason too, as the amount of cans were limited and spread out all across NYC. Grimm was up until recently known as a nomadic brewer, using other locations to brew their recipes, which prevented them from having a central source to distribute from. Understandably, this made each release something to hunt for. After what seems like forever, this hunt is coming to a close; Grimm is open for business in Brooklyn!

Grimm Brewing Comes Home
The decor at Grimm screams modern living.

I feel pretty confident in saying Grimm is one of the most modern breweries in NYC. The rainbow glass entryway opens into a spacious open area filled with tables and chairs. A series of tanks wrap around the back of the brewery, and the bar is immediately to your right so you can get your beer as soon as possible. There’s lots of white and lots of wood, with accents that really pop. Tall plants are scattered about, red curtains conceal the upstairs offices and lights hang from the ceiling in satisfying rows. Even though it’s not a direct translation, you get the impression that this is very much in line with the artwork on their cans and bottles.

Grimm Brewing Comes Home
Grimm hits the ground running with a release on day one!

Speaking of cans and bottles, there was a great selection of beer available for their release, although since it was a hot day I was sticking mostly to lighter beers and sours. Two of the beers being released in bottles we’re available on tap, so I didn’t feel like I was missing out by not grabbing some to take home. Among my favorite beers of the day was Lilt, a golden sour made with cherries. The most unique beer I had was an earl grey saison, which definitely carried that tea flavor and astringency. Lambo Door, one of their better known IPAs, was testing as delicious as ever! There are always some growing pains when working with new equipment, but so far they seems to have dialed everything in pretty well.

Grimm Brewing Comes Home
The place was so packed people camped out wherever there was free space!

The only real complaint I had that day was the heat. It was just over ninety degrees, and in the packed taproom everyone could feel it. As of my visit on opening day, there weren’t many fans and there definitely wasn’t AC. The combination of the heat, crowd and beautiful glass storefront made the inside a bit of a greenhouse. I know people who have returned since opening day, and they said the heat wasn’t an issue, but if you’re a big group going on a hot summer day, you might want to let the temperature or crowd die down, or at the very least position yourself near a fan or water station. Of course, refreshing beers can always help too!

Grimm Brewing Comes Home
The sours Grimm produce are easily among my favorites of theirs.

If not for the heat and the crowds, I can easily see Grimm’s new space being a perfect hang-out spot on a summer night. The Grimm brewery space was “only months away” for a long time, and there were some big setbacks during the build out, so it’s very exciting to finally see the place open. I have yet to return, but I’m confident I’ll be back soon enough!