AMC’s spin off hit ‘Better Call Saul’ returns for its fourth season on Monday August 6th.

The Breaking Bad prequel which follows the travels of underdog attorney Jimmy McGill (the future Saul Goodman), as well as many other sub plots that little by little are showing us how the Breaking Bad world came to be pre Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.

A spoiler alert is in order as if you watched the previews or the exclusive Comic Con trailer, they revealed unexpectedly the fate of Jimmy’s brother Chuck played by the amazing Michael McKean.

As we last left Chuck, he had gone crazy after a series of downturn events that included him being forced into retirement, being made a fool of for his phony medical condition, and of course letting his little brother Jimmy get the upper hand on him. It appeared that Chuck had intentionally set his house on fire in a suicide attempt, but we were left wondering the fate of Chuck from this event as the season came to a close.

Well it certainly seems apparent now that Chuck did in fact die as result of the fire. We first see in the trailer Jimmy somber at a funeral, but then the show’s official Facebook page literally said it out loud in a series of questions to fans in a recent post. “How will Jimmy deal with the tragic death of his brother?” Talk about letting the cat out of the bag!

As for other potential sub plots, we have many juicy story lines potentially coming to fruition this season. Will Jimmy get his law license back? Will Jimmy’s law partner Kim and her workaholic lifestyle and OCD tendencies finally begin to catch up with her?

We also have the fallout with Nacho and Hector Salamanca. Will he find out it was Nacho who switched his heart medication that caused his stroke? Will Mike continue toward his inevitable path that sees him become Gus Fring’s right hand man?

Speaking of Gus, he is the jewel of the show in my opinion. He always was in Breaking Bad as Walter’s antagonist and he often steals the show on BCS. It is so intriguing how we see him in kind of a different light now. From his perspective we see his empire grow and how he aligned himself with Madrigal Enterprises. Giancarlo Esposito deserves an Emmy for his portrayal of Gus. Can’t wait to see where his character goes this season.

But it all comes back to Jimmy, it is his show after all. Will we (as in the previous 3 season openers) see a flash forward of Saul now working in the Omaha Cinnabon? Will he and Kim’s relationship hit the skids? Will we finally see a clear cut route where Jimmy McGill becomes Saul Goodman?

These questions are close to being answered as the new Better Call Saul season starts in less than a week!