Since Mikkeller NYC moved in…

(Basically) around the corner from me (ok, so they’re about a 15 minute drive or 20 minute train ride from my apartment… also it’s about 7 minutes from Holly Kay and I’s favorite Target…), I’ve been… Let’s say, excited.

Readers’ note: Before salivating over this article, please go read my buddy Forrest’s article about his experience with Mikkeller NYC! You won’t regret it!

“We have to go to Mikkeller,” I’ll tell literally everyone I come into contact with. “We can go to Mikkeller and then go watch the Mets lose!” (It’s hard being a Mets fan…)

TigerLyfe Times Beer(s) of the Week: Mikkeller NYC!
Since they opened on March 25th, all the beers they’ve been pumping out of their MASSIVE brewhouse have been phenomenal.

TigerLyfe Times Beer(s) of the Week: Mikkeller NYC!
They have two “House Beers”, Henry Hops, a classic American Pale Ale (I’ve seen it called an IPA, but recently it’s been renamed as an APA), and Say Hey Sally, a delicious, crisp Pilsner, have been delighting fans at the stadium since about a year and a half ago, when they were being brewed at Mikkeller’s brewery in San Diego. Since then, Henry Hops has gotten the New England “haze treatment”, removing some of the West Coast bitterness for a more juicy, creamy mouthfeel. Say Hey Sally has remained the same, based on a recent scientific taste test conducted with my mouth.

They’ve put out several beers based on Twin Peaks, the David Lynch-helmed Science Fiction cult classic TV show. They’ve done collaboration after collaboration, while still serving the masses of rabid Mets fans that literally line up at the bar before and after each Mets game.

This week, I’d like to feature a few of their latest releases. Speaking of collabs (did I mention they’ve done collab after collab? They have so many amazing beer friends!)

Hot on the heels of a one-two punch of People Power, an American Pale Ale brewed alongside dozens of other Craft Breweries around the United States to benefit the ACLU, and a collab (A COLLAB!) with Prison City Brewing, called Queens Riot, a double IPA brewed with Apples, Mikkeller has released three collabs (THREE COLLABS) that all stand out individually.

And that brings us to our TigerLyfe Times Beer(s) of the week!

TigerLyfe Times Beer(s) of the Week: Mikkeller NYC!
Wait, Mikkeller sells orchids now? This is what happens when I combine a trip to Trader Joe’s with a trip to Mikkeller NYC…

TigerLyfe Times Beer(s) of the Week: Mikkeller NYC!
First off the bat (A BASEBALL PUN)! A collaboration with the amazing Industrial Arts Brewing, Cleat Wrench. This takes Industrial Arts’ NE IPA Wrench, and double dry hops it with Amarillo, Citra, and Mandarina Bavaria. I give this one a slight edge over Wrench, as I believe the dry hopping brightens up the beer a bit, giving a little more of a tropical citrus punch. Lovely!

TigerLyfe Times Beer(s) of the Week: Mikkeller NYC!
ON DECK (I’m gonna keep up with the baseball puns until I can’t think of any more…): Ascorbic Fugue, a collab with Long Island up-and-comers Root and Branch Brewing, a Pale Ale brewed with citrus (and bravo to Mikkeller’s resident artist Keith Shore on this label), is a super drinkable pale ale landing right at 5% ABV, with the fresh lime giving it a fruit loops-esque citrusy-yet-sweet flavor. I love this brew. Also, I had to look up the word Ascorbic, and found that it’s a type of acid found in citrus fruits, tomatoes and green vegetables. We’re all learning together!

TigerLyfe Times Beer(s) of the Week: Mikkeller NYC!
“I DON’T KNOW’S ON THIRD…” (please let me know if you understand this pun…) Beach Hair Don’t Care, a collab with Casita Cervecería. This is my favorite of the three releases, a Sour Farmhouse IPA with pineapple, mango, and coconut. The pineapple and mango stand up front in this tart, hoppy brew, with the coconut taking a subtle, yet noticeable backseat. Think piña colada with an emphasis on the piña. Haven’t had a Hudson Valley brew? They’ve perfected the sour IPA game. If you can’t get up to Beacon, head over to Flushing and pick this one up. This is one pretty damn near perfect brew.

Anyway, if you haven’t dropped your iDevice and ran to Mikkeller NYC yet, why don’t you go ahead and do so now.

Come back, and be on the lookout for my next article. You know you want to. 🤗

Until next time!