Let’s face it, even the hottest of relationships needs a little rebooting from time to time.

Your life with your partner behind closed doors is your own personal wonderland so why not make it as magical and crazy as you can get!?

There are so many different ways to please each other why waste them all on the bed?  Don’t get me wrong, you can get 100% loco on the bed and it can be freaking amazing.  But why not take it a step further and drive each other crazy in different rooms of your place, out in public, or in your car?

The Shower

Let me set the scene. Having sex in the shower can be quite erotic.  You’re both already wet (in more ways then one), you’re being drenched by hot, steamy water as you lather each other with the slippery soap and you start to kiss each other deeply while the water cascades all around you.  What’s next is completely up to you.  You can make it as sensual as you want. Listen to the echos of each other vibrate off the bathroom walls as you lead one another to the grand finale…the big O! Get crazy and let go.

The Car

Being naughty in your car with your partner can be exciting and sensual not to mention there is the thrill of possibly getting caught (if you’re into that).  Whether it is in broad daylight or the dark of night, touching and licking each other while driving and yes…PLEASE BE CAREFUL, can lead to further sexual developments once you get to your final destination. And if you really want to get to your ‘final destination’ while IN the car, make sure you have control of the vehicle if she is licking and sucking you like a lollipop and then…well, then the big O!  And guys, don’t forget to return the favor as your girl sits in the passenger seat.  Free up your right hand and drive her crazy too!

A Hotel

Getting a little tired of making love at your place or hers?  Do something a bit different with your next Friday night and go get a room somewhere to be crazy in for a night.  Pick up your better half, bring what you need, build up the sexual tension as you drive to the hotel and once there, well, no holds barred.  Make drinks, turn up the music (Arabian Sexy Music is a good one), undress each other and get lost in the moment while taking each other to limitless levels of new heights of pleasure.

The biggest thing I can tell you is to relax and have fun with it.  As I always say, communication is key with anything you may want to try with your partner.  Make sure they are cool with it too and then agree to move forward together.