Last article, I wrote about how amazing Calusa Brewing Co., out of Sarasota, FL was, and I’m back again with a couple of amazing beers straight outta Brooklyn, right here in NYC! (We’ll stay local this time…)

Last week, it was all about the hops, but this week we’re talkin’ ‘bout Lagers! Now, before you think about how gross that last Budweiser you sucked down at your friends wedding was, we’re going to talk about some delicious lagers made right here in NYC, both with a twist.

One’s literally with a twist, but we’ll get to that later…

We’re featuring two amazing beers from Threes Brewing!

TigerLyfe Times Beer(s) of the Week: Threes Brewing!

Disclaimer: I risked life and limb to take these photos, and I don’t condone any behavior that involves Beer out on the Fire Escape. AGAIN, THIS IS NOT AN ENDORSEMENT TO SIT OUT ON YOUR FIRE ESCAPE AND DRINK BEER. IT’S TERRIBLE. REALLY. DON’T DO IT. 😉

TigerLyfe Times Beer(s) of the Week: Threes Brewing!

Threes Brewing Short Fuse

Short Fuse is a (ready for this?) Foudre Fermented Smoked Helles Lager. Try and say that five times fast… This ain’t your Grandfather’s Helles…

For those unfamiliar, a Foudre is a large oak cask, used to ferment beer, wine, or spirits. Basically a giant barrel. Barrel fermenting imparts the beer with wood characteristics (caramel, toffee sweetness) The smoke on the malts is subtle, but noticeable, and gives it a lovely toasted marshmallow characteristic. It’s dry and EXTREMELY drinkable. “Crushable”, as the kids say.

TigerLyfe Times Beer(s) of the Week: Threes Brewing!

The star of the show! Threes Brewing Gender Neutral, a Pale Lager with Lemon Zest.

Remember when I said one of these brews literally had a twist? Well, Gender Neutral is a Pale Lager brewed with Lemon Zest! Threes brewed this beer especially for Pride Month, and aside from how delicious it is (which I’ll talk about in a moment), it also supports an amazing cause, the Anti-Violence Project, an NYC-based Non-Profit that offers assistance to LGBTQ communities dealing with violence. So drink up, and know you’re supporting an amazing cause!

Pale Lager, you might be saying? What’s the first thing that comes to mind? Coors Light? PBR? (Ugh) BUDWEISER? Nah, this is light, dry, crisp, with grassy, citrus hop notes, and an extra dose of bitter lemon from the zest. If I had more than two cans of this, I would make this my go-to summer brew. Perfect for the evening 100+ degree Summer days we see here in NYC (although, as I write this, it’s 63 degrees and I’m sitting out on my fire escape — WAIT. I mean, I’m sitting safely inside my apartment. Carry on.)

Anyway, these two beers are super dope, and even though we may not see them again until next year, all their offerings are wonderful, and they’re absolutely worth the trek to their two locations (the brewery is in Gowanus, Brooklyn, and they have an “Outpost” in Greenpoint, that serves their beer on draft and in cans to go, in a restaurant setting, with food catered.)

So get there, that’s all there is to it.

Thanks again for joining us! Happy Summer!