In the heart of Brooklyn, BierWax has brought together the love for fine beer and fine music into a refuge from the mass produced.

I knew Chris Maesto from back when he worked at Finback Brewery in Queens. As taproom manager, he always had great music playing over the speakers. Now, he’s combined his love for beer and his love for music and made it real in the heart of Brooklyn. If you’re a vinyl lover or a beer nerd, you’re going to have a great time visiting BierWax.

As soon as you walk into the bar, you’re immediately welcomed by one of hundreds – possibly thousands – of records playing on a turntable behind the bar. Shelves of records stack up all the way to the ceiling, interrupted only by a couple decorative cans, the taps and the colorful menu in the middle of the wall. If you’re not into beer, wine is also available, but this spot takes no reservations as to what it’s here for. With brews from local and out-of-state breweries spanning across many styles, there’s a little bit of something for every craft beer fan.

BierWax has no shortage of awesome records – and great beers on tap!

The Prospect Heights location that would eventually become BierWax was a restaurant, and there are also quite a few places to eat nearby. In the mood for Middle Eastern food? Visit Zaytoons a couple blocks down. Want some dessert? Check out Ample Hills for ice cream or visit Four and Twenty Blackbirds for some pie. BierWax’s location on Vanderbilt Avenue makes is a great hub to hang out and get a drink, either before or after eating, or after a stroll through nearby Prospect Park.

Beats and Brews at BierWax

Guests browse the records that will occasionally be up for sale.

On my most recent visit I walked in on a record sale at the bar. Well, I say walked in, but it was the principle reason for my visit. While the records behind the bar are not for customers to purchase, BierWax has teamed up with several local record distributors to host regular record sales. While weather prevented them from using the outdoor space, the place was busy with people checking out the tables full of records at the end of the bar. And that’s not the only event that goes on at BierWax – they constantly have DJs come in and spin too! I’d recommend checking out their website to see if anything cool is happening.

Beats and Brews at BierWax

Whether you want to relax with a good beer or some good music, be sure to drop by!

Maybe I’m biased because I know Chris personally, but it’s truly inspiring to see his dream become a reality. In a recent episode of my podcast, my co-host and I sat down with Chris and asked him why he wanted to combine music and beer in the first place. To him, the biggest parallel between the two is the fact that a lot of musicians start with so little and build up to what they eventually become, just like how many craft breweries start with a few people brewing in their own kitchen. Craft beer and vinyl records both appeal to the collection side of people, those who want to find the rare record or the unique beer in a world where the majority of both is mass produced and to many people, lacking true vision. BierWax is truly a place which focuses on the experience over trying to make a buck, and I’m sure if you visit the experience will be one to remember.