Please make sure to check out my last two articles about our San Diego Beer adventures, about the Modern Times Flavordome and Fall Brewing Company, before reading!

As the sun began to set over sunny San Diego, Holly Kay and I were starting to wind down our beer tour. We’d checked out Modern Times Flavordome, who referred us to Fall Brewing Company. The last stop on our list was Mikkeller San Diego, since Mikkeller NYC, our new neighbors in Queens, were only a few weeks away from opening. I’d always wanted to visit, and who knows when we’ll be back in San Diego again?

Mikkeller San Diego, a bit of Denmark in SoCal

In the middle of an industrial park, in the corner of a large, gray building, was the unassuming storefront for Mikkeller Brewing San Diego, adorned with a small, circular logo designed by Mikkeller’s artist-in-residence, Keith Shore, with characters Henry and Sally in a Yin-Yang-esque pose.

Mikkeller San Diego, a bit of Denmark in SoCal

The tasting room was smaller than I expected, but full of beachy drawings and murals of Henry and Sally, long wooden tables, and an aqua blue floor, which continued even into the bathroom!

Mikkeller San Diego, a bit of Denmark in SoCal

This bathroom, by the way, was perhaps one of the most beautiful bathrooms I’ve ever been in. (The one at Mikkeller NYC is also gorgeous, so I guess beautiful bathrooms is a thing they do 🤣)

Mikkeller San Diego, a bit of Denmark in SoCal

They don’t serve food, but there was an amazing Food Truck out front, Urbn, with a pizza oven built right into the back of the truck. As New Yorkers, Holly and I are pretty snobby when it comes to pizza, but this was really good. We ordered a spicy pie with hot salami and jalapeños. It had a crispy, cracker thin crust, the sauce was perfect, and the heat was wonderful. Really cool stuff.

The beer menu has 19 lines, filled with selections brewed in house or at their other two breweries (Copenhagen and now NYC). You can order selections like Raspberry Blush, a beautiful Berliner Weisse with Coffee, Freckle Face, a Berliner Weisse with Ginger and Orange (which, as a ginger, I’m both appreciative of and offended by), Lila Regn, a Barrel Aged Sour, Big Hazy, a juicy-as-hell Triple IPA that packs a punch at around 10% ABV, or their Beer Geek series of beers, Imperial Stouts usually made with local coffee. Absolutely lovely.

Also, I’m a terrible journalist, and was too busy drinking to take a picture of the menu! Oh well, you’ll just have to imagine what it looked like, and I can tell you, it was beautiful, friends.

Mikkeller San Diego, a bit of Denmark in SoCal

They were having a can release the day we visited, so of course I had to bring a 4 pack back to NYC (and they all survived, thanks LAX and LGA for being so gentle with our luggage!)

Definitely a place you should hit if you find yourselves in San Diego. Tell ‘em Benedict Beer Blog and TigerLyfe Times sent ya!

Until next time…