Matt Harvey, the player who used to be called The Dark Knight, has been designated for assignment by the New York Mets.

Harvey was called “a cornerstone of certainly my tenure here,” by Sandy Alderson, Mets GM. Alderson further added Harvey “really didn’t express any rationale” for refusing the minor league assignment.

Harvey, who is due about $5 million for the remainder of the 2018 season, was moved to the bullpen last month and was struggling at his new role, as well as unhappy. He will either be traded or finally become a free agent in the next week.

According to SNY, Alderson said what has become of Harvey — who has had two major surgeries since bursting on the scene in 2012 — was “not really of his making.”

“This is somebody who has gone through two serious, career-threatening injuries with very lengthy rehabiliations, Alderson explained, adding that Harvey “made every effort to return” to the pitcher he was in 2015 and prior.

“I really like Matt,” Alderson added. “He’s a human being. And as I said before, he’s a vulnerable human being. .. and I’m gonna miss him, in many ways.”

This truly is an end of an era in Queens. Matt Harvey was one of the best and brightest stars to ever wear a Mets uniform, and he was destined for greatness. In the end, it looks like a fragile ego got the best of Harvey and now a new chapter will begin for him.

Mark my words, he will be traded for next to nothing, or signed by someone who could use a starter with potential in their lineup. A change of scenery does wonders for a player, and in the end, this might be the best situation for Harvey.

Either way, let’s hope wherever the destination, he pulls up his big boy pants and plays ball.