In my last article, I wrote about how much Holly Kay and I loved Modern Times in San Diego.

In chatting with our bartenders there, we asked if there were any other breweries nearby that they would recommend. Without skipping a beat, they both agreed that we needed to visit Fall Brewing Company.

Fall Brewing Company: Punk’s Not Dead!

Fall Brewing Company is only about a mile away from the Modern Times Flavordome and the San Diego Zoo. With the emphatic recommendation from the bartenders at MT, we decided to add it to our list, and boy are we glad we did.

The staff was quite friendly and knowledgeable, and very passionate about their brewery. It was a Thursday night, and the Taproom was packed with locals enjoying all the tasty beverages Fall Brewing had to offer.

Fall Brewing Company: Punk’s Not Dead!

The beautiful open Taproom that shares the space with the brewhouse itself.

It was almost like walking into a punk rock show. There were old music flyers pasted up all over the walls, and punk rock blaring through the sound system. The energy was palpable, and the excitement in the room was infectious.

Fall Brewing Company: Punk’s Not Dead!

We sat down and were greeted by our bartender who pointed us to the extensive draft list on the wall behind him, and we decided to share a flight. There was a wide range of styles, which is always appreciated. As much as I ride the haze train nowadays (Choo Choo!), it’s nice to have a large selection of styles to choose from.

Fall Brewing Company: Punk’s Not Dead!

The beautiful menu!

Our flight consisted of:

Jazz Hands, Fall’s base Berliner Weisse with Sangria. Tart, citrus and berry notes with tannic red wine blended to create a symphony in your mouth 😱

Weekend Pirate #11- Lucky, a classic West coast style IPA, super well made and balanced.

Speedo’s Tiki Love Nuts, a brown ale with coconut 🥥, which was delightful. Nutty and sweet with subtle coconut.

2am Bike Ride, a sessionable Stout with Dark Horse coffee and vanilla. 5%, Sweet, roasty, vanilla. Killa.

Rise Above, a classic Czech-style Pilsner, that served as a nice little palate cleanse before we moved on to our next brewery!

Fall Brewing Company: Punk’s Not Dead!

You’ve got to visit here if you’re ever in San Diego, it’s totally worth it, if not just to see their mascot, which is, I believe, Humpty Dumpty (he DID have a great Fall, get it?)

Fall Brewing Company: Punk’s Not Dead!

I am the Eggman?

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