Baseball and beer, a tried and true American paring, is made concrete in this new NYC brewery!

I was never really into baseball, but growing up in Flushing, Queens I was geographically conditioned to be a Mets fan, something I still claim to be to this day if asked. I do, however, know plenty of beer nerds who are also baseball fans. Luckily for all of us, Mikkeller has decided to open doors in my childhood neighborhood, and I recently found myself hopping on the 7 train once again to visit the brand new space.

For those of you versed in the ways of craft beer, the name Mikkeller should be pretty recognizable. Despite being a microbrewery, this Denmark-based business now has over ten locations scattered across the globe, pulling in millions of dollars in revenue. They have been known to make a variety of great beers spanning multiple styles (with a specific focus on sours and stouts), each location bringing their own unique recipes to the Mikkeller brand. It’s not hard to imagine my excitement when I found out about the soon to be NYC location last year. While not in Flushing proper, I never would have expected a brewery to come to this part of town.

Baseball and Beer in NYC!
Mikkeller’s newest home is quite literally a hop, skip and jump away from Citi field!

It was a cold and windy first day for this brewery, and unfortunately by the time I got there (forty minutes after opening) there was quite a long line as the taproom was already at capacity. After finally getting indoors, there was a second line just to get to the bar – it ended up being about an hour and a half after arriving before I could even get a drink! Thankfully, free veggie burgers, fries and beer samples were being distributed by staff members dodging through the crowds. At the very least, I was able to get a good look at the space while I waited to get a drink.

Baseball and Beer in NYC!
Free samples of two of Mikkeller NYC’s flagship brews were hawked like peanuts!

First off, the space is absolutely humongous, definitely designed to accommodate a massive amount of game-goers. In front of the main bar at the back of the space are several wooden tables capable of seating large groups. To the left, there is a station where you can buy merch or some of many bottles they have for sale. To the right, the massive steel tanks where Mikkeller NYC’s beer is made sit imposingly, illuminated from underneath. Combined with the iconic Mikkeller artwork adorning the walls and windows, the space had a bit of an “industrial Willy Wonka” vibe.

There are a whopping sixty taps available, and while I only got to try a handful of the beers they had to offer, I was able to get a nice mix of beers from both Mikkeller and guest breweries, including the legendary Cantillon. Whether you like pale ales or IPAs, stouts or sours, sixty taps presents a lot of ground to cover. In addition, their bottle list is quite extensive, offering a variety of rare beers. By the way, the place is also almost completely cashless – just something to keep in mind.

Baseball and Beer in NYC!
I could only imagine how spacious this place would be if it weren’t completely packed!

While it was hard to imagine the space without the masses of happy drinkers, I can easily see that this is going to be a very popular spot, especially now that the baseball season has started. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be an entrance directly from the stadium, but next time my friend wants to watch a Mets game I am definitely going to suggest camping out at the bar, ordering some food and watching the game there.

I left Mikkeller NYC with a satisfied palate, some enticing bottles and a stylish new hat (which my girlfriend has stolen from me). I don’t live in flushing anymore, but I still visit often. To me, there’s no better way to follow up some delicious lamb skewers and soup dumplings than with a nice cold craft beer. Thanks to Mikkeller this has never been easier. I’m sure I’ll be visiting my old stomping grounds more often in the near future!