How many ways have you loved your woman lately? Take her out to dinner? Travel to Paris? Gift her a diamond pendant?

Yes these have all been traditional ways to woo your lady loves, but one thing’s for sure, no matter what you buy her or where you take her, the total package isn’t complete unless you know how to rock her world in the bedroom too.

So, asking the question again, how many ways have you loved your woman lately? Missionary position is a pretty fair assumption for many occasions, but if this is your go-to position then you’ll want to make sure to change up your location (bed, couch, floor, table) and pop in some variations to keep things exciting.

Try bringing her legs up to rest on your shoulders, this is always a good option, allowing for deeper penetration and enjoyment for the both of you. Other missionary variations include closing her legs to squeeze yourself into her pussy, bringing only one of her legs up towards her head, like a split; or just adding a pillow under the small of her back to create an extra incline that will help welcome your member with ease.

There’s such a vast myriad of sexual positions including having the woman in complete control. The ever popular cowgirl position coined to describe how your sassy lynx can ride her strong steed, also comes with multiple variations. Allowing her to control the speed and intensity of your penetration, the generic cowgirl position puts the man on the bottom while the lady love gyrates and envelopes you from tip to base at her desired stride. She can bring you near climax and decide to let up or take you all the way to orgasm as she rocks her body all over you.

How Many Ways Have You Loved Your Woman Lately?

If she allows you to assist, it’s a great idea to grab her by the waist or ass and participate more deeply by thrusting your hips up and down to further infiltrate her hot box. Get even deeper penetration when your cowgirl leans herself backwards. Other fun cowgirl variations include having her turn around and ride you backwards.

Let’s not forget doggy style. Whether flat on the bed, on her knees, or standing bent over, taking your lover from the back side can offer so many resonating pleasures for the both of you, this just may end up being one of your favorite positions. This particular sexual variation allows for so much extra fondling! She can grope your testicles, she can stimulate her clitoris, and both of you can enjoy her breasts; all while enjoying the pleasures of penetration from the rear.

There have been so many named variations for sexual positions, but don’t fret, there will never be a test and you’ll never find yourself in a scenario where your lover will quiz you about all the position nicknames. Knowing the basics and some of their sumptuous variations will absolutely suffice to help you and your lover increase the ways you interact in the bedroom, or living room, or wherever.

Always practice what feels best between you and your partner and communicate it to each other. The honesty will lead you into the best sexual experiences of your life! Fair warning though, the more you practice the closer you’ll get to eventually reaching the point of complete g-spot jubilation!