Tørst might be one of the most iconic craft beer destinations in Brooklyn, and for good reason.

Brooklyn is chock full of great places to have a delicious brew. Not even counting all the breweries scattered across the borough, you can basically discover a great bar no matter which way you’re headed. However, most of these don’t hold a candle to what is almost definitely the most popular craft beer in the borough: Tørst. This spot is the brainchild of Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø of Evil Twin Brewing fame. Patrick briefly touched upon Tørst in his tour of the food and drink in Greenpoint, but this spot has so much to offer I couldn’t help but devote this little love poem to this iconic beer bar.

Torst: A Brooklyn Craft Beer Icon
This is definitely one of the most beautiful bars I’ve ever been to!

Hidden behind a facade so simple you could walk right past it (I know I did the first time), this little gem is just a short walk past the Nassau Avenue. L train station. The decor of this place is a one-two punch of wood and stone. The walls are a variety of light tiles right up until it’s wood, the latter of which also make up the tables and benches. This creates a beautiful duality which is repeated all throughout the bar, inside and out. Even their book, Food and Beer, is half matte and half glossy! It’s a very clean Nordic style which is a refreshing change from the more industrial or grungy decor of a lot of NYC spaces. The only downside to all this wood is that the bar can get real dark at night – especially once you factor in the dim, hipster-style old timey bulbs. Not the ideal night-time spot for a beertographer!

Torst: A Brooklyn Craft Beer Icon
A snapshot of the ever-changing taplist.

The beautiful, white marble slabs of the bar are punctuated by the wooden tap handles, each a period, a place to stop because – of course – there is delicious beer to be had. People from all over come here for this reason, and there is seemingly no end to their list of offerings. First and foremost, this bar is the capital of Evil Twin territory, so you can expect to see a lot of their beers on tap at all times. Their IPAs and stouts are no joke so get ready! If you’re eager for more variety though don’t worry – there are over twenty taps at Tørst as well as a bottle list that is several pages long. As for the food situation, while I cannot say I have eaten much of their food, it definitely looks and smells delicious!

Torst: A Brooklyn Craft Beer Icon
Von Pampelmuse Berliner Weisse brewed with grapefruit and mandarin.

So to summarize: nice decor, cosy ambience, delicious beer and (probably) food, and it’s near a train station to boot. Too good to be true? I’d say the only drawback here is the price. You’ll find this happening across all of the nice spots across Brooklyn, but depending on what you’re drinking, be prepared to pay over ten bucks per item. Don’t let that discourage you however – you can get a series of small pours of a variety of different beers instead of commiting to a full glass of each. While the pricing might keep Tørst from being a regular destination, if you live in or are visiting NYC there is no excuse not to make the trip at least once!