With a plethora of opportunities to travel with your significant other, we’ve found a location with adventures you won’t want to miss!

Whether you’re planning a romantic weekend with your new girlfriend or reigniting the flames with your longtime lover, Vail, Colorado is definitely not your typical getaway. With all the expected embellishments of a lust filled getaway, Vail Colorado goes above and beyond offering the most satisfying mountain pleasures for relaxation and high adventure seekers alike. Multiple locations are available for your stay – each offering unique and exhilarating experiences you won’t soon forget.

Vail is comprised of three enchanting villages connected by heated cobblestone streets and the large transportation system providing frequent opportunities to voyage from one to the other without the hassle of driving. Vail Village, Lionshead and Golden Peak offer a variety of attractions from bar hopping to ice skating at the outdoor ice rink. Not to mention the myriad of upscale shopping opportunities from luxury brands to all the outdoor lifestyle accessories you could ever imagine. If all that doesn’t seduce you, the free live concerts during their ‘Snowday’ season and a host of other events including their magical New Year’s eve celebrations complete with midnight fireworks will!

Check out places like Pepi’s for some live music, Los Amigos for some salty drinks, and Samana Lounge for some after-hours playtime. There’s ample DJ mixes and even pole dancing to keep your senses heightened for adult time entertainment. They’ve even added a boutique bowling alley, Bol, offering up gourmet appetizers and a great wine selection as Vail’s latest après-ski attraction. Vail is full of skiing, snowboarding, dogsledding and even snowmobiling. While in Vail you won’t want to miss out on a night in The Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge, their pool & spa is an indulgence your muscles and your ‘plus one’ won’t want to miss, it’s sure to get your blood flowing and your passions ignited at the end of a long day.

The mountain top adventures in Vail are endless, but nearby is one of the most unique opportunities if you favor a good shooting adventure. Machine Gun Tours, about an hour and a half away, will allow you to try your hand at shooting an MP5, M-16 and an AK-47 and spend the day on your own machine gun adventure tour. Upgraded packages include a beltfed weapon of choice to get acquainted with. You and your lady can even check out their collection of exotic and rare firearms. Talk about an adrenaline rush, your chest will be heaving with excitement after a day at the shooting range…this is one date your mistress is sure to remember!

Enjoy the time of year, where cold winter nights are upon us and the soft white snow is your ticket to the slopes! Snow bunnies will abound and you’re sure to get some action after enjoying a long day of extraordinary mountain adventures. If you don’t bring your own lady, you’re bound to find some feminine companionship willing to don your favorite flannel over her bare bosom next to the seductive flames of a warm fire.

So don’t hesitate to book your time in the magnificent mountains of Vail, Colorado. You and your lover won’t regret the chilly expedition to the one, the only Vail, Colorado in all its decadent glory – The Mountain, The Myth, The Legend! Plan your trip now and let the wonder of Vail take you to new heights.