Photography and beer isn’t a combination that immediately comes to mind, but Finback Brewery wants to show you exactly how closely related the two are.

Finback is hands down one of my favorite breweries here in NYC. They make the best stouts you can find in the city, and aren’t afraid to get experimental. From tea to dragonfruit to (my favorite) coconut, you can find some interesting variations of IPAs, sours and other styles here in deep Queens. As a photographer, beer enthusiast and Finback fan, I was very excited to hear that they were bringing in three professional photographers to showcase their work both in and out of the beer scene.

Happy customers discuss the great beer on tap and great photography on display!

Adorning the walls of the industrial, modern taproom were photos by Cory Smith, Matt Furman, as well as Matt Trogner of Allagash, who made that delicious raspberry sour I fawned over previously. The opening of the show, aptly titled Thirsty Vision, coincided with a 3-can release, so the taproom was packed throughout most of the day. All three of these photographers are insanely talented, and remind me how much I still have yet to learn! The many photos on display do well to remind the public that their skills go beyond the specific subject matter of beertography. Vivid portraits and breathtaking landscapes caught the eyes of those just coming to snag the latest release.

Nothing beats a bratwurst and beer combo!

Of course, there is always great beer to be had at Finback so it goes without saying I was trying a little bit of everything. Finback will often invite different caterers to serve food during their beer releases. I settled down with a delicious bratwurst by 2nd City Beef, a glass of their Neon Prophecy collaboration with Burlington Beer Company, and took in the energy of the show. The sweetness of the honey IPA paired quite well with the sauteed onion and mustard, while the bitter hops cut through the fat of the sausage. I followed this up with the other two new releases: the dragonfruit IPA Psycho Killer and the Earl Grey Grisette called Noise. All very unique hoppy beers!

A whole wall is dedicated to beer Instagrammers – including yours truly!

Besides the featured artists, Thirsty Vision also highlights the more amateur side of beertography – but don’t think that the photos on this wall are anything to scoff at! Social media has become more entrenched in all aspects of our lives, especially when it comes to craft beer. So many people want to share their experiences with the world, and produce some truly amazing results. As Finback puts it, how we interact with craft beer is now “curated through a dialogue of likes, shares and tags.”

If you want to see some of these amazing photos (and drink some amazing beers), be sure to visit Finback Brewery – the show is planned to run until January 4, 2018. I’ve recently moved out of Queens so it’ll be harder for me to visit this amazing brewery, but I’ll be back soon enough! And I’ll be back here soon to talk about a great beer spot in Brooklyn! Cheers!