Not too sure how to go about the annual holiday gift giving this year? Check out these great options we found scouring through the vastness of the internet.

We’ve chosen some presents worthy of gifting to those you may think already have it all! We have something fun for that person always looking for a good time or maybe even for the one person who you think could use a break and get out of the office a while. We also chose something for all the news watchers and financial friends on your list. And of course, something practical for just about anyone!

Our fun choice takes to the skies with the DaVinci GPS Enabled Racing Drone. Aerix Drones has made a phenomenal mid-sized drone that’s capable of flying up to 30 miles per hour and up to 250 meters away. This sleek little black drone is made of ABS plastic and some metal with a LiPo battery.

You can use the on-board camera to capture a spectacular birds eye view of your favorite locations. It also gives you the choice of either recording the in-flight video being captured or streaming it live on your cell phone. The DaVinci also has built in GPS and is smart enough to handle landing on auto-pilot. Who’s not to love this new toy whether a beginning drone operator or an experienced sky flying pro, the DaVinci is a great option this holiday season.

Our next selection is something a bit more traditional yet something you have never seen before! A wallet. No hold on, I know what you’re thinking – what’s so special about a wallet that EVERYONE already has? Well, this wallet is sure to create a stir when the wrapping comes off! With extreme strength this wallet can help prevent those troublesome hackers from stealing your credit card information.

The Steward Stand Wallets are made from re-purposed industrial grade stainless steel fabric by the family owned New York based company. The steel provides a protective barrier that can block the radio-frequency identification (RFID) hackers from scanning your personal information. Right now there are three style options offering protection of up to 8 credit cards. The steel will age and patina over time, similar to their leather counterparts. This wallet of steel is sure to be a hit with your news loving, securities concerned friends and family.

We’ve finally come to our most conservative and uber-practical gift of choice. This pint sized jump starter packs a really big punch with capacity to jump start most 4-6 cylinder cars. The JunoJumper even comes with a set of specially designed jumper cables. This cell phone sized pack of power packs a wallop and has been tested on large trucks and small vehicles alike.

When not needed for your car, this power source is designed to easily recharge your cell phone, tablet, or just about anything that can be charged via USB. Amp up the JunoJumper with its supplied USB cord or even with a car charger. This super savvy powerhouse even has an LED light to make it even more helpful when you’re in need.

This great sampling of gifts can help make you the gift giving guru of the year showing your friends and family how savvy you really are at choosing just the right thing. Whether your loved ones are funtastic, worry warts, or utilitarian; there’s an option to put a smile on each one this holiday.