Godflesh, the legendary English Industrial Metal band has returned in 2017 with their 8th full length LP “Post Self”.

This is the second full length LP the band has released since reforming in 2014 after over a decade away from the game. Lead vocalist and guitarist Justin Broadrick has been very busy the last few years with several side projects, most notably the techno trip hop outfit JK Flesh. But it is Godflesh that is still what flows primarily through his veins and along with bassist GC (Benny) Green, they have once again maintained a ominous, dark, yet continuously ever evolving sound that permeates the record.

The album starts with the title track, a crushing 4 minute jaw breaker that immediately let’s you know you’re listening to a Godflesh record. The bass is absolutely pummeling and the classic Godflesh drum machine backbeat is present as always. But it is Broadrick’s hauntingly beautiful guitar work that really gets you going.

The next few tracks follow a similar pattern with more present vocals – Broadrick’s typical distorted screeching throughout. It’s not until track 4 “Mirror of Finite Light” where the pace is altered a bit and the more atmospheric side of the band comes out. It is the mid section of this album that shines most for me. Elements of ambient post punk sounds come through, always however maintaining the classic Godflesh sound.

It’s always a chore to take a look at the lyrics and see just what they are getting at. Tales of darkness prevailing over light and family failings are topics here. To be honest, you are never going to finish listening to any Godflesh album and feel positive and giddy about life. The tales they tell are dreary and harsh, like the city of Birmingham England they hail from. It’s as if you can feel yourself in a dark, grungy factory on a rainy day in Birmingham as you are listening to their music.

Track 8 “Mortality Sorrow” is my favorite on “Post Self”, another absolutely crushing bass heavy song that feels like a freight train going through you. The album closer is “The Infinite End”, a perfectly titled piece to close the record.

While maybe not breaking that much new ground here with “Post Self”, Godflesh has once again reminded us that they are a force that is here to stay in this often forgotten genre of heavy music.