October is by far the most exclusive monster filled, enjoyingly frightening time of year for ghosts and zombies of any age.

All hallows eve has incorporated elaborate costumes, thrills and chills and the honoring of our ancestors long gone into one freakishly entertaining holiday. We’ve discovered a few of the most frightening, heart pounding freak fests to help you celebrate the most horrifying holiday of the year by immersing yourself into the terror and becoming one with Halloween.

The Spell Ridden Necromancing of Salem, Massachusetts

This years haunted happenings are sure to entrance even the most skeptical souls. In addition to The Annual Witches Ball there will be a myriad of Festival of the Dead events to help haunt you into the spirit realm.

Prior to Halloween there will be a Graveyard Conjure where the magical power of graveyard dirt aid in reaching out to your ancestors so you can ask for help with love and prosperity. Come in your best dressed black attire to The Mourning Tea of the Victorian Era and share with others stories of your loved ones past. Conjure Animal Spirits or join the high priestess to summon a personal rebirth and manifest the internal transformation you’ve been longing for.

Visit the Portal to the Spirit World where you can try beckoning the dead and reach through to the other side to communicate with loved ones. There’s also a formal dinner option held in a realm where no living souls are allowed to speak. This Dumb Supper is an ancient tradition offering food to the dead in hopes for some alternative world connections. You can bring pictures or mementos of those long departed in hopes they will reach out to you with a whisper, a ghostly touch, or perhaps a visual display of their presence.

No Halloween is complete in Salem without the Annual Salem Witches Magic Circle. This free and open event allows anyone to join the masses of witches and warlocks from around the world to honor their ancestors and renew connections with those on the other side. Complete with psychic readings, drumming circles and ceremonial dancing your Halloween experience will surmount anything presumable at this year’s Signs of the Zodiac Salem Witches Halloween Ball.

The Queen Mary’s Horrifyingly Astounding Dark Harbor, Long Beach California

On the coast of Long Beach California the Queen Mary’s legacy stands proud and offers room and board to guests looking for a non-traditional vacationing experience. However in the month of October the Queen Mary and surrounding harbor turn unapologetically dark and terrifying. There are 7 mazes sprawled throughout the harbor, 4 of which are actually on the ship! The monsters of Dark Harbor will entrap you in real life intense Halloween experiences that will keep your heart pumping.
Themed mazes for 2017 include:

FEAST: This brand-new experience introduces you to the demented Chef who would sedate his soldiers and cook them as his latest culinary masterpiece.

INTREPID: ALL ABOARD THE TRAIN TO HELL Immerse yourself in the maddening story of the designer of the Queen Mary who has protected his precious vessel for years.

CIRCUS: BIG TOP TERROR This tent of terror and its sideshow freaks are bound to have you running in horror.

DEADRISE: SINK INTO THE DEAP This WWII ship was an escort left sunken to its watery grave but is currently ushering The Captain on his mission to reclaim Dark Harbor from the living with his army of ghostly monsters.

LULLABY: HUSH HUSH DON’T CRY Hang on to your souls as young Scary Mary beckons to play a hellish game, looking for some new playmates with her nightmarish tricks and eerie lullaby.

SOULMATE: ‘TILL DEATH DO US PART Like a siren in the night, Graceful Gale will lure potential suitors into her hauntingly charming graces where her ghostly minions are tasked with hacking them up to reassemble them into the perfect man.

B340: A DESCENT INTO INSANITY Find out the tortures that make a man go crazy with the schizophrenic Samuel the Savage. This super violent pulse thrashing maze will make you lose your mind.

In addition to the hair raising mazes Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor also features a 4D Theater, Meat Locker Bar, Big Top Experience Bar, RIP Lounge and live entertainment. This hair raising spectacular is destined to be the most authentically horrifying experience of your life, if you live to tell about it.

The Debauchery Filled Enchantment of New York City, New York

Deep in the trenches of New York City; the Big Apple Halloween experiences are truly a go big or go home collection of stimulating productions. With dozens of partying opportunities, some of the most EPIC mischief exists at the 21 and over Monster’s Ball on October 28 & 29th. Stage forty8 will be hosting the annual hedonistic, high fashion, diabolical masquerade that’s sure to scare your pants off.

They advertise 3 floors and 50,000 SF of high energy, heart pumping DJ mixing mischief where costumes are mandatory and full coverage is optional. Six ticket options offer you variations of party hype between general admission and Platinum Status which includes VIP access and table side mixologists.

If you’re still alive on the 31st there’s much to choose from to complete your annual Halloween Haunting. The Village Halloween Parade’s theme for 2017 is Cabinet of Curiosities: An Imaginary Menagerie. This 44 year old tradition evokes the most gruesome and freakish creatures by the masses. Skeletons come to life and zombies troll the streets; you’ll see glamorous goblins, sexy beasts and enough blood and gore to haunt your dreams for months.

So whether you’re looking to connect with the witches of Salem, willingly join a horror fest of fear, or take part in an erotic evening of thrills and chills; you’re sure to enjoy the most anticipated night of the year where anyone can be anything and everything is unexpected as you immerse yourself into a different realm of existence. Happy Halloween!