Right now, you’ve got at least four reasons to visit Long Island City. They are: Transmitter Brewing, Rockaway Brewing Co., Big Alice Brewing, and LIC Beer Project.

Well, the Fifth Hammer 🔨 has dropped.

Fifth Hammer

The beer menu at Fifth Hammer Brewing Company, Long Island City.

We’d heard about Fifth Hammer from our friends at Big Alice Brewing (which is only a Hop, skip and and a jump away. Ok, so it’s however many hops, skips and jumps you can make in half of a mile), so when we heard about the opening weekend, we knew we had to be there…

But sometimes, when you’re an adult, and work in retail, life prohibits you from visiting a brewery on the weekend…

So I had to go on a Monday. Don’t you judge me.

Fifth Hammer

The gorgeous warehouse-turned-taproom.

I met up with Bradco, friend of the blog, home brewer, beer husband, and good buddy. We introduced ourselves to Julio, Fifth Hammer’s friendly neighborhood bartender.

I asked Julio about the name Fifth Hammer, which involves Pythagoras (you know, that guy with that Theorum that you learned in Math class), discovering the secrets of harmony. He visits a forge, with 4 hammers producing perfect harmony, but there’s a Fifth Hammer producing a discordant sound, which Pythagoras can’t understand, and ultimately rejects. Throughout history, any time there’s discord in science or nature, it’s referred to as the Fifth Hammer, which, stubbornly, continues to sound, even after being rejected.

He also said that head brewer Chris Cuzme got in a fight with 4 dudes with hammers and ended up winning.

He also said only one of those stories is true.

Fifth Hammer

Julio rocking the sticks… err… hammers.

Is Fifth Hammer bringing mystery and discord to LIC? Well, they’ve got a beer called Coconut Flavor Gravy, so you tell me….

Also, I think if they called themselves Fifth Harmony, they’d be met with a lawsuit faster than you can say “Coconut Flavor Gravy”.

Fifth Hammer

Bradco watching me take a picture of Julio in his element…

Oh yeah, their beer’s great, too, BTW.

Fifth Hammer

I opted for the flight, so I could taste the whole menu. I also love that they color coordinated, black label with lighter colored Beers and white label with darker Beers.

The highlights:

Neighborbraü Pils: A delightful little nugget, crisp, grassy, malty sweet. Straight up, now tell me do you really wanna love me forever? I do.

Memory Maker: A dry-hopped Saison with bright citrus and floral notes, with some banana and bubble gum from the yeast. Perfect for a summer day, mowing the lawn (? I live in a studio apartment in Queens…), or sneaking a drink into Central Park 😉.

Tactical Panic IPA: A nuclear Hammer, hitting you with all those dank hops, baby. Come get some.

Fifth Hammer

Flavor Gravy: How’d they pack so much Flavor Gravy into such a small ABV? I don’t know, but heaps of bitter chocolate, coffee, and roasted malts fly out of this thing and right into your mind grapes.

Coconut Flavor Gravy: The same as above, but add Coconut 🌴 . Let’s get tropical, drop me in a hammock, and let me suck this Flavor Gravy right into my face. Sounds gross, right? Wrong.

Fifth Hammer

You all know the deal. You’re already at Big Alice, right? Hop in an Uber, and tell them we sent you!

Fifth Hammer

There’s even a piano here. If you’re lucky, Owner and Head Brewer Chris will bust out his saxophone and entertain you.

As always, you can check out more at www.fifthhammerbrewing.com and see more of my adventures with Bradco at www.benedictbeerblog.com

Until next time,