“Barley Creek, Barley Creek, oh Barley, Barley, Barley, Barley Creek, Barley Creek, oh Barley, Barley, Barley, Barley Creek! *POP* Ba-Bum-Bum-Bum…”

This should be sung to the tune of “Lollipop” by The Chordettes and if you aren’t singing this out loud right now, you have no joy in your heart…

Speaking of joy in your heart, if you ever find yourself near Tannersville, PA (home of Camelback Mountain Ski Resort and Aquatopia Indoor Waterpark, Great Wolf Lodge, and many other family-friendly resort destinations), you need to put Barley Creek Brewing Company on your itinerary.

Barley Creek opened in 1995 as a respite for travel weary families who flocked to the Poconos for their laid back, woodsy and snowy ski retreats and family friendly activities. located on the winding, scenic roads on the way to the top of Mount Pocono. (If you’re staying at Camelback Mountain, it’s a mere 5 minute drive down the road).

It’s a must-do each time we come to Camelback, and here’s why. Most of the people that come here are visiting, so it’s basically like everyone’s on vacation, so nobody’s angry, everybody’s friendly, excited to be away, and happy to be spending their time in this beautifully decorated, large, cabin-like retreat that brews some pretty damn good beer and makes amazing food as well.

Barley Creek all lit up at night!

The beautiful, open dining area and bar.

The menu ranges from pizza, made in the large, open brick oven adjacent to the dining room, to buffalo wings, soft pretzels and pub fare, to artisanal burgers and sandwiches that would fit in at any NYC Gastropub.

What we affectionately call “Pretzels for Dinner”. Also, that’s both honey mustard and beer cheese dipping sauces for your health.

The beer is also amazing! Some of our favorites are:

Lemon Saison, a crisp, low ABV farmhouse ale with notes of banana, clove, and, you guessed it, lemon! Great beer to drink in the summer months after a long hike up Mount Pocono (I have only been on one hike on Mount Pocono, and we only lasted one hour before we saw a snake and decided we were done hiking, possibly forever. But it was still fun. I digress…)

Summerfest, which we were lucky enough to be at their annual release party at Barley Creek’s Pint Sized Park, a large outdoor space with food trucks and mobile draft lines, and games like Giant Jenga. They also have live music. Summerfest is a Märzen Style Ale, dark and robust with flavors of dark plums and freshly baked bread, a nice, summery nod to the Oktoberfest style bier (you must spell it that way because it is German, yah?)

Citrabellum is a malt-forward double IPA hooped with everyone’s favorite, Citra (It’s so hot right now… Citra.), packed with a floral, citrus punch, but balanced out with freshly baked bread and crackers from the robust malt.

If these descriptions haven’t convinced you, I’ll mention again that there are 3 indoor waterparks within 15 minutes of Barley Creek. And who doesn’t love an Indoor Waterpark?

Also, they have brunch. I annihilated this sandwich in approximately 5 minutes.

The Morning Toast at Barley Creek.

So, basically, get here as fast as you can.

It feels like you’re on vacation, because, well, you are on vacation. Come to the Poconos for the resorts, stay for the beer. That’s all I’ve got to say about it.

For more, head to www.barleycreek.com and read more about my adventures in the Poconos over at www.benedictbeerblog.com

Be good to each other!

Until next time,