Trilogies. We all love them, don’t we? But usually, the third movie in the trilogy falls flat, right?

I won’t name names, (*coughoceansthirteenjurassicpark3d3:themightyduckscough*), but sometimes, you just run out of steam on the third iteration of a franchise.

Sand City, the mostly Hop-focused brewery out of Northport, Long Island, recently released a trio of cans filled with 3 of their fan favorite IPAs. Unlike some movie trilogies, this trilogie de bière (French for beer trilogy) fails to disappoint.

We all remember the golden era of late-90s Saturday Night Live, where their faux commercials reigned king. This series of IPAs takes its names based off of one of my favorite commercials, I won’t mention the name here, but let’s just say it was an advertisement for, *ahem*, Adult Diapers, with a particularly clever name.

Oops! I Hopped My Pants! is a 6.5% ABV IPA, which pours a beautiful golden color, not as hazy as many of these New England Style “juice bomb” IPAs, which is nice. This beer is packed with notes of tropical citrus (think grapefruit, pineapple), pine, and a lovely balanced sweetness from the malt. This is superbly balanced with enough hop punch to satisfy any lover of fine American IPAs!

The Oops! Trilogy: How the Hop Masters at Sand City Turned an SNL Sketch into Beer

What happens when you take Oops! I Hopped My Pants and add about 450 pounds of mangoes and an additional dry hop? You get Oops! I Mangoed My Pants! The mangoes and the addition of more hops takes the base beer up a couple of notches, adding a beautiful sweetness and creaminess from the mangoes, with even more zesty tropical fruit. The ABV is upped to 7.5%, so don’t let its deceptively smooth, easy drinkability fool you… If you consume too many of these, you get what doctors call “a case of the jelly legs…”. That’s absolutely a clinical term. Please don’t look it up.

Oops! I Nelsoned My Pants! takes the base beer and does an additional dry hopping with Nelson Sauvin hops. This adds, if it’s possible, even more citrus to the nose, and an amazing dank, onion and garlic character that plays as a fantastic counterpart to the pineapple and grapefruit. The contrasting flavors intrigue and delight, and add a bit of magic and mystery to an already amazing base beer. Sitting at 7%, this beauty rounds out the trilogy nicely.

Watch out, New England, because Long Island’s coming for you with their Hop game! If you’d like to visit this amazing brewery (and you definitely should), head to for their location, business hours, and all that other stuff that you can find on websites on the internet!

Until next time!