Showtime’s All Access series once again returns in its twenty-first season providing unparalleled access and coverage to the brightest stars (and their teams) in boxing.

This season goes behind the scenes of the August, 26 2017 match between Floyd “Money” Mayweather (49-0-0) and UFC Champion Conor McGregor (0-0-0) as they compete to determine who is the best fighter in all of combat sports.

Episode One

Behind the Scenes of the Mayweather vs. McGregor Media/Press World Tour

Los Angeles
  • Conor McGregor comes out in custom tailored suit with “Fuck You” pinstripes. This suit is epic and absolute 🔥. McGregor fans have shown up in droves.
  • Floyd braggadociously interacts with his fans in the crowd “All work is what? All work is what? Point to the easy work.” Suggesting that Conor is nothing but easy money.
  • Both fighters exchange in verbal jabs and sparring, including Conor’s “Floyd, why you carrying a backpack? You don’t even know how to read!!” zinger.
  • I’ll give Round 1 to McGregor.

Fans again turn out in droves in support of McGregor. Rap Artist Drake meets with both fighters and offers his MC support. Floyd and Conor’s level of trash talking begins to ramp up. Floyd grabs an Irish flag out of the crowd. Conor responds by snatching Floyd’s LV bag and holding it hostage.


Conor strolls out in a $30,000 white mink jacket. Floyd comes out with his backpack again, this time it is packed with cash. Floyd makes it rain, throwing handfuls of bills into the air. A small scuffle between camps and Floyd’s security on the stage at the Barclay Center.


McGregor recounts his meteoric rise and declares ” I AM BOXING!” Both fighters interact with the crowd and exchange barbs as the final leg of the Mayweather/McGregor Press World Tour comes to an end.

Episode Two

  • Camera crew visits Floyd Mayweather’s gentlemen’s club “The Girl Collection”, one of Money’s favorite pastimes.
  • McGregor trains at the UFC Performance Institute in Las Vegas. Conor brings in longtime referee Joe Cortez who has officiated Mayweather’s fights before. Conor taking all rules and regulations seriously in his preparation (gloves, ring size, ropes, etc.).
  • Conor takes All Access to Dublin Ireland and the Crumlin Boxing Club. Conor’s former trainer Phil Sutcliffe Jr. shares the story of Conor arriving to his gym, where he would study, train and learn how to box for seven years. Sutcliffe reminds viewers that McGregor is a puncher, and is a fighter finishes his fights on his feet.
  • Floyd demonstrates that he lives life (and trains) at his own pace. Nobody tells Money what to do. Floyd leisurely visits Miami, going out for a bicycle ride, shooting hoops at an indoor gym with his son, and taking his family roller skating — an activity that Floyd likes to do regularly.
  • Paulie Malignaggi (and his mouth) shows up to McGregor’s fight camp to spar. After talking trash about Conor’s chances months ago, and having fought against Floyd Mayweather, McGregor noticed some similarities in Malignaggi and Mayweather fighting styles, and thus invited Paulie to come out to spar and train with his team.

Episode Three

  • Floyd kicks off his City slickers and visits a ranch.
  • Conor visits the UFC performance institute in Las Vegas again with his tight knit camp and crew who have been there with him since the beginning.
  • John Kavanaugh – Head Coach
  • Owen Roddy – Boxing Coach
  • Snoop Dogg shows up to Mayweather’s gym for his Snoopcast MMA Podcast. Snoop says he is rolling with the Money Team.
  • Back at the performance institute, Conor films Monster Energy commercial. Conor’s parents discuss his meteoric rise and his humble dedication to becoming the best (before all the glammer glitz and attention he now receives).
  • Ido Portal, movement coach offers unique training exercises to build skill sets in movement.
  • Floyd meets with terminally ill young man Taylor Hammond at Mayweather’s Boxing Club in Vegas. A pretty touching interaction as both Floyd and the young man offer each other hope and inspiration.
  • Paulie shows up for second sparring session. Closed session. Dana White Lorenzo Fertitta referee Joe Cortez. Cameras off. McGregor meets with reporters and boasts he won “12-0”.
  • Back in New York, Malinaggi offers his side of the story of the much discussed “knockdown” video thatwas recorded during their sparring session and has since gone viral.

Episode Four

  • Floyd recounts his rise to the throne as one of the highest paid athletes in all sports, building an empire and preserving his legacy for the family.


Media Day at Mayweather’s Boxing Club
  • Floyd boasts and offers sound bytes about why he is still the man.
  • Back the “Girl Collection” Floyd discusses renovations and upgrades to his after hours lounge.


McGregor Media Day
  • Conor works out and shows off his custom made Donatello Versace boxing robe.
  • Conor Jr. Makes an appearance and Conor discusses being a father and the importance of family in his life.
  • Floyd discusses family. His children share their opinions on the fathers age, talent, and how they feel about his fighting at the age of forty.
  • Floyd corners some of his Money Team protégés as they prepare sparring in the ring with fight night only one week away.
  • The Money Team heads to Hollywood for the Late Show with James Corden. Corden makes light with Floyd and his team and offers him some ‘jewelry’ 😂.
  • Back in Vegas Floyd relaxes the only way he knows how–with money, women and celebrities.
  • Dana White talks about the power of McGregor’s persona and what could be the biggest upset in sports history.

Share with us your thoughts on the All Access series in the comments section below and who you have winning the Money Fight taking place Saturday, August 26 2017. 👊