It’s getting hot and steamy in the bedroom as you begin to eye your girl as prey to your sexual desires.

At that very moment there is nothing more you could want from her than for her to give you oral sex. How do you communicate this to her in a way that she will take notice and follow your cue(s)?

To start off, let’s begin with what NOT to do.

Direct Her As If You’re Directing a Porn

You may feel as if you’re in a porn at the moment when you watch your beautiful, sexy woman begin to go down on you, however, it’s when you start ‘barking orders’ to her is when the fun just melts away. Refrain as best as you can from telling her specific angles, to move here, move there, put your hair in a pony tail so I can see (hold it for her if this is what you want), slower, faster, deeper…ahhhh.  Stop the madness.

Let her know you like what she is doing with her tongue, mouth, hands.  And if you don’t like how she is performing on you, for crying out loud, communicate this to her.  She won’t know otherwise and will then continue to use her teeth in future blow jobs because she thinks you enjoy it. Just sayin’.

Jostle Her Head

Using your hand to push her head either down toward your penis or deeper onto you, can honestly result a bit of neck strain for her.  If your girl is giving your oral sex, it’s a good idea to allow her to control the task at a hand.  This means depth and speed.  Let her control it so you can sit back and enjoy it.

Pressure Her

Some girls just don’t like giving oral sex and it’s a good idea for you to know this up front instead of having a somewhat future awkward moment. Pressuring your girl to give you oral sex is a no no and trust me when I say, she won’t forget.

Leave Her Needs Unmet

You’ve had your amazing orgasm and now it’s time for her to have hers.  Make sure you communicate to her that your orgasm was toe curling awesome (because of her) and you fully plan on pleasing her next.