The fight of the century took place last night in Las Vegas with Floyd Mayweather Jr. making history by obtaining his 50th professional win against Conor McGregor.

Conor McGregor comes walking out to the ring wearing white trunks with the Irish flag around his neck. He surprisingly is not in his Versace custom robe.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. walks out wearing a..uh..unique choice of attire– an all black ‘gimp’ type outfit with black ski mask. Mo’ Money, Mo’ problems” plays as he makes his way to the ring.

Both fighters and their accomplishments have been introduced. And here we go!

Round 1

McGregor is the early aggressor. Conor relaxed and taking the lead early in the first. With a minute left Floyd is still restrained with only 4 punches thrown. Biggest punch landed in round 1, a slick counter punch uppercut landed by McGregor

Score: 10-9 McGregor

Round 2

McGregor takes the fight to Mayweather again and is warned by the referee for shots to back of the head of Mayweather. McGregor initiating the offense and carrying himself well so far.

Score: 10-9 McGregor

Round 3

McGregor in the lead but is warned again for shots to back of head. Mayweather relying on clinch. McGregor lands a few nice jabs. Floyd a few body shots. McGregor switches stances with sixty seconds left. A great start by McGregor but he has to make sure he does not lose a point for shots to back of Floyd’s head. A close round

Score: McGregor 10-9

Round 4

McGregor on the assault and has Mayweather up against the ropes with a flurry. Mayweather feels the power of a straight left hand from McGregor, one of the more significant strikes landed so far. Conor with a few more nice jabs. Out working and landing Floyd, who has not been able to get his punches off too effectively yet in the fight. A close round where both fighters had their moments. Could go to either Fighter.

Score: Mayweather 10-9

Mayweather vs McGregor
Mayweather vs. McGregor, MMA Junkie

Round 5

Mayweather still does not have his finger on the pulse of the fight. McGregor doing enough and avoiding a lot of what Floyd is throwing until Mayweather lands a few solid right hands in the final minute.

Score: Mayweather 10-9

Round 6

McGregor attacking and Floyd continues to turn his back to McGregor who peppers him with shots. Mayweather lands some solid shots and rocks McGregor for a moment. McGregor recovers and returns fire. The fighters clinch with thirty seconds left in the round. Mayweather lands a right. McGregor getting a little tired and Floyd finding his flow.

Score:Mayweather 10-9

Round 7

First minute into the second half of the fight does not offer a lot of action. Clinching. McGregor with a uppercut. Floyd becoming more active and lands a lead right and a straight right that rocks McGregor’s head back. End of Floyds best round sees Conor take a large deep breathe

Score: Mayweather 10-9

Round 8

We have a pretty good fight on our hands. Both fighters having their moments. McGregor recovers nicely and lands a nice combo. Tougher round to call

Score: Mayweather 10-9

Round 9

McGregor quickly lands a solid combination that backs Floyd up. Conor warned for low blow. Mayweather returns with a right. And follows with a combination that wobbles McGregor. McGregor looks faded and looks for the clinch. All Mayweather this round as he lands multiple power shots with the right hand. Most convincing round of the fight.

Score: Mayweather 10-9

Round 10

Mayweather continues to land power shots with the right. McGregor stumbles back against the ropes and his rocked again. Conor tries to circle out and is hit with another barrage by Mayweather. Floyd has a stumbling and exhausted McGregor against the ropes whose arms are down by his sides and the referee comes in to stop the fight and protect Conor from taking any further damage.

Score: Mayweather by TKO

Totals: 87-83 Mayweather. Mayweather 10th Round TKO
Fight Wrap up

What an exciting fight! Mayweather may have not started the fight how he may have wanted, but he rallies to win rounds 4-9 and earns a technical knockout in the tenth. Mayweather gives McGregor due credit. Says tiring out Conor McGregor was part of the game plan. Floyd reminds everyone that he guaranteed this fight would not go the distance and that this will be his last fight.

McGregor compliments Mayweather’s composure. Not impressed with his power and speed. Says it was an early stoppage and that he was just a little fatigued. “Of course ” McGregor returns to the UFC. Disappointed it was stopped but happy with his performance. Thought the fight was close until fatigue caught up with him.

Mayweather wins every round after the third and earns his 50th professional win with a 10th TKO of Conor McGregor.

Featured Image: Sports Illustrated

UPDATE: Here’s the post-fight press conference.