UFC star Conor McGregor made his presence known at the Grand Arrivals in Las Vegas Tuesday Night by getting int a verbal altercation with his ex-sparring partner Paul Malignaggi.

Outside the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, McGregor was confronted by angry ex-sparring partner Malignaggi, warning him that Floyd Mayweather will “badly hurt him” this weekend.

Here’s the backstory: To help prepare for the bout with Mayweather, McGregor employed former two-time world champion boxer Paul Malignaggi as a sparring partner.

The retired boxer started training with McGregor earlier this month but quit the camp abruptly over leaked photos that appeared to show Malignaggi getting beaten up.

Exploitation didn’t sit well with the former champion and his stint lasted only a few days. Adding insult to injury, Malignaggi broke a golden rule of boxing by revealing McGregor’s weaknesses, causing him to go rogue and stay out of the public view.

On Tuesday, Malignaggi came up for air and met up with McGregor as he was making his arrival at the T-Mobile Arena. He repeatedly called McGregor a “b****,” a “p****,” and told him to “bring his balls. against the undefeated boxer.

In contrast to his forming sparring partner, McGregor remained cool and proceeded to enter the arena with a slow confidence to the delight of the media.

Mayweather on the other hand was greeted by boos.

McGregor Vows to Knock Mayweather Out

Conor McGregor did not mince words on Tuesday night. He let the combat fight fans know that “He (Mayweather) needs to be out to sleep. He will wake up a better man. I am going to do that for him.”

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