With the passing of Chris Cornell last week, we all revisited past releases by the pioneering frontman in hopes of remembering his contributions as opposed to his demons. Visiting YouTube and watching amazing renditions of popular songs such as “Nothing Compares to U” by Prince have been a habit these past few days, along with his work in Soundgarden and solo material.

But there was another group he was a part of and in my opinion, they wrote one of the greatest songs ever recorded. “Like a Stone” by Audioslave is a testament to emotion. “Fell On Black Days” by Soundgarden is a very close second, but the dynamics in “Like a Stone” take you to a place occupied by someone who is lonely, pleading with his love, letting them know they will always be there.

I’m not one for deciphering lyrics, it actually drives me insane to have to figure out what an artist is trying to convey, but in this case it’s clear as day. The music backs up the lyrics in a way that will make you feel what he is trying to say, which is even better than any set of words can convey on their own.

Being able to move a single person with melodies and words placed in specific spots of a time signature is a gift not many of us have. In Chris Cornell’s case, he was able to do that more than once and with different musicians.

The loss of Chris Cornell has been stewing in my brain for the past week and I haven’t been able to stop playing this song since the new of his death broke. My life has taken a different path than what I once planned it to be, and music was the major component of said plan. Life keeps going and sometimes you have to zig instead of zag, and things that were once important take back seat. Listening to Cornell’s tracks revived that part of my life and reminded me that my first love was always music.

I will miss Chris Cornell and the music that may have been. All I hope for is that he is truly is at peace.