A photo posted to the STBS group inspired me to check out this dude Terry Sawchuk. What I Came to find out was the dude killed it between the pipes and had a reputation to match the photo of his busted up face.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the photo you see above was actually created by a Life Magazine make-up artist for a feature piece they did on Schuk back in 1966. They wanted to simulate 16 years of accumulated injuries in professional hockey. Even though it’s just for the magazine piece, it definitely still got the point across.

What’s even crazier are the injuries not shown in the simulation such as a slashed eyeball requiring three stitches, a 70% loss of function in his right arm because 60 bone chips were removed from his elbow, and a permanent “sway-back” caused by continual bent-over posture. WTF?!

Here’s an excerpt from the piece in Life:

Sawchuk had one of the strangest careers of any great NHL player. He was a four-time Stanley Cup winner, an 11-time All Star, won four Vezina trophies and a boatload of other laurels. He also bounced around from team to team — he played for five between 1949 and 1970 — and was depressive, alcoholic and reportedly abusive toward his wife (who eventually divorced him) and kids for years. In 1970, he was badly injured during a fight with his Rangers teammate Ron Stewart, and eventually died of internal injuries, including a bleeding liver. Sawchuk never blamed Stewart for the fight, and repeatedly said the whole thing was a stupid accident. He was 40 years old.

If you have a few minutes, watch the video below for interviews by former players and teammates talking about Sawchuk, and a little more about his death at the age of 40.

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